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Klingon Actors Announced for Star Trek Discovery

Klingon Actors Announced for Star Trek Discovery

50 years after the original Star Trek series ended and 12 years after Star Trek: Enterprise ended, the immensely popular, science fiction franchise continues with Star Trek: Discovery in 2017. While...
Candy Crush Coming to CBS as... a Game Show 1

Candy Crush Coming to TV as a Game Show

Candy Crush is one of those games you either love or hate. Sure, it's an incredibly successful mobile game. It's also the bane of your existence on Facebook if your friends...

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Why Metroid Return Of Samus Needed To Exist 2

Why Metroid: Samus Returns Needed To Exist

It is safe to say that E3 2017 proved to the masses that Nintendo has not only brought back the Metroid series, but has...