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ReCore (Xbox One) Review 3

ReCore (Xbox One) Review

Have you ever had a five-course meal where the chef comes out, demands you eat the rest of the dishes on the menu before you can have your dessert? If so,...
Soul Sacrifice and Vita's Wasted Potential

Soul Sacrifice and Vita’s Wasted Potential

I like handheld games quite a bit. The idea of being able to play something without being tied to a television screen or computer monitor is, to me, extremely appealing. Because...
Keiji Inafune launches two new game companies

Keiji Inafune launches two new game companies

The former Capcom exec has announced the formation of Intercept and Comcept in Japan. Keiji Inafune is kicking off his post-Capcom career with the founding of Intercept and Comcept, two new...