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The Park (PC) Review 4

The Park (PC) Review

Near the beginning of The Park, protagonist Lorraine remarks that entering an amusement park involves moving between the realms of reality and imagination. This is true, especially for a game whose...
How to Win: Shovel Knight - 2014-06-30 15:49:47

Shovel Knight and Separating Fun From Masochism

After roughly 25 tries at getting to the first checkpoint in Shovel Knight’s second-to-last level, I decided I was done with the game. It wasn’t that I thought Yacht Club Games’...
Early Access: Massive Chalice - 49117

Early Access: Massive Chalice

There’s a simplicity to Double Fine Productions’ Massive Chalice that could be mistaken for a lack of depth. During the tactical, turn-based combat sections, soldier units don’t hide in cover to...