Crytek v. Star Citizen: A Closer Look

Crytek v. Star Citizen: A Closer Look

It may prove to be a shot heard around the video gaming world. On December 12, 2017, Crytek GMBH filed a copyright and breach of contract suit against Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) and Roberts Space Industries (RSI), the maker of Star Citizen, in California Central District Court, part of the American federal court system.

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Cryengine V is Free to Use and VR Compatible

Cryengine V is Free to Use and VR Compatible

Crytek has just announced that its latest game engine, CryENGINE V will not only go forth on a pay-what-you-want model, but also natively support VR.

Crytek has put out all of its developing tools to the public without the usual subscription costs or the royalty fees and is hoping that users will contribute back to the company. Like Unity, Crytek will also start a marketplace to help users by providing them with pre-made assets.

Frank Vitz, the creative director showed off the new engine and its features at GDC, giving a run down on the new features and their new VR title called, The Climb.

Crytek is committed to advancing and working within the new VR faucet of the industry and is aiming to make it more accessible to developers.

Look forward for more updates as the engine goes live in the near future.

Razer Updates OSVR to Version 1.4

Razer Updates OSVR to Version 1.4

The Open Source Virtual Reality platform sees some improvements for both the software and the hardware.

Crytek has recently begun to work to help expand on OSVR. Their CryENGINE now natively supports the platform.

“The open standard encouraged by OSVR corresponds with our own desire to give CryENGINE users total freedom of choice in VR development.” Said Frank Vitz, Crytek’s creative director for CryENGINE. “We’re excited to be supporting a platform that is designed to accelerate progress and expand the audience for VR, and we look forward to seeing how OSVR developers harness CryENGINE to create innovative experiences.”

A new diffusion film tech has just been added in for OSVR HDK 1.4 to help better the look of the technology while still trying to keep the system requirements low. An upgrade for version 1.3 will be available soon.

OSVR Upgrades to 1.4

“The Hacker Development Kit has always been about maximizing quality while minimizing system requirements, allowing us to make VR more accessible to enthusiasts, aspiring developers and gamers,” says Christopher Mitchell, OSVR lead. “The inclusion of the diffusion screen makes it possible for us to deliver an improved visual experience without compromising this great accessibility.”

You can purchase the OSVR over at the Razer store now with its new improvements such as rubber inserts for the nose bridge and extra padding for cheekbones for added comfort. The OSVR is currently $299.99 and is available now.