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Great, a Chainsaw: A History of Horror Games

Great, a Chainsaw: A History of Horror Games

Horror video games have been scaring people for several decades now, dating back to the late 1980s. And the genre has produced some of the best and most influential games ever...
Fear of the Unknown - 2015-05-19 17:25:43

Fear of the Unknown

I can still vividly remember the night I spent trying to sleep with the lights on after going to see The Blair Witch Project at the movie theatre. I’d been scared...
Destiny Captures the Wonders of Space - 2014-10-07 16:39:32

Destiny Captures the Wonders of Space

Space is a pretty popular videogame setting for good reason. Venturing beyond Earth opens up so many possibilities to developers. They can vent their imaginations by creating fantastic alien races, implausible...
Loud Bass ≠ Good Audio - 2014-07-03 11:43:28

Loud Bass ≠ Good Audio

Over the last couple of weeks, CGM has been going through something of a mad dash in reviewing headsets, something obvious to anyone that checks out our hardware review section. As...
PlayStation All-Stars getting new content - 2013-02-28 17:34:59

PlayStation All-Stars getting new content

A duo of new characters are headed to Sony’s brawler next month. According to a story on IGN, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will introduce Isaac Clarke from Dead Space, and Zeus...
Nine Videogame Cults You Wouldn't Want to Mess With

Nine Videogame Cults You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With

A cult is, in the strictest of definitions, a religious organization that idolizes a certain object, whether it’s a biological organism or the daughter of the President of the United States....
Sega announces new "Alien" game 1

Sega announces new “Alien” game

The next game inspired by the "Alien" film franchise has its sights set on Dead Space.Creative Assembly is best known for the Total War RTS franchise, but it will now be...
The Great Movie/Videogame Conundrum  - 2011-04-05 14:49:21

The Great Movie/Videogame Conundrum

In grade six my teacher once announced to the class that he had gone to see the Mortal Kombat movie on our recommendation. In a thick Austrian accent he claimed that...

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Lovecraft Inspired Game, The Sinking City Receives Publisher 1

Lovecraft Inspired Game, The Sinking City Secures Publisher

The H.P Lovecraft inspired mystery adventure game, The Sinking City has officially got a publisher behind it.Frogware, the masterminds behind The Sinking City announced...