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Superman Action Comics: Path of Doom (Comic) Review 4

Superman Action Comics: Path of Doom (Comic) Review

If DC Comics wanted to bring back the past with their Rebirth initiative, they certainly did it with Superman Action Comics: Path of Doom....
Superman Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review 7

Superman Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review

Superman is the godfather of all superheroes. He was the one who essentially started it all—his popularized escapades gave rise to the modern day...
Anatomy of a Villain

Anatomy of a Villain

It’s Villains Week here at CG Magazine. A joyous time to say the least. Thinking about all the best baddies who have titillated our...
Superboy #6 Review 2

Superboy #6 Review

I guess things are a tinge too manic for Connor in historical Smallville. This issue commences with Superboy and Red Robin partaking in a...