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Superman Action Comics: Path of Doom (Comic) Review 4

Superman Action Comics: Path of Doom (Comic) Review

If DC Comics wanted to bring back the past with their Rebirth initiative, they certainly did it with Superman Action Comics: Path of Doom. The comic series spans six issues from...
Superman Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review 7

Superman Rebirth #1 (Comic) Review

Superman is the godfather of all superheroes. He was the one who essentially started it all—his popularized escapades gave rise to the modern day superhero. Superman’s early successes paved the way...
Anatomy of a Villain

Anatomy of a Villain

It’s Villains Week here at CG Magazine. A joyous time to say the least. Thinking about all the best baddies who have titillated our imaginations can’t help but bring a smile...
Superboy #6 Review 2

Superboy #6 Review

I guess things are a tinge too manic for Connor in historical Smallville. This issue commences with Superboy and Red Robin partaking in a heart-to-heart. Conner contemplating about leaving his adopted...