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The Conjuring 2 (Movie) Review 1

The Conjuring 2 (Movie) Review

The Conjuring made $300 million worldwide a few years ago, making it a record-breaking hit for contemporary horror. That means a sequel (and that Annabelle spin off you already forgot about),...
Insurgent (Movie) Review 6

Insurgent (Movie) Review

Well, Divergent made a bunch of money so now we have Insurgent. That’s the reason that this sequel exists and it sure feels like it. Certainly the final product gives off...
Transformers: Age Of Extinction Movie Review 3

Transformers: Age Of Extinction Movie Review

Transformers: Age Of Extinction isn’t a movie, it’s an endurance test. You could argue that Michael Bay’s entire career has been a never ending quest to discover “how much is too...