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Hugh Jackman and James Mangold Talk Logan at Noir Screening

It’s not every day that you get flown to New York just to watch a movie. Yet, somehow that’s just what happened to your trusty CGM film critic (aka me, Phil...
Logan - A Farewell to Two X-Men 4

Logan – A Farewell to Two X-Men

Back in the 1990s, there was no superhero more beloved than Wolverine. Thanks to the cartoon series, Jim Lee’s insanely popular X-Men run, some video games, and endless action figures, everyone...
Fox is making an action movie based on Stan Lee's life

Fox is planning an action movie based on Stan Lee’s life

According to The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox has purchased Stan Lee's life rights, and is moving ahead with a film very loosely based on Lee's life. "Loosely based" is the...
Morgan (Movie) Review 6

Morgan (Movie) Review

What is it with movie scientists determined to play god and create life? Haven’t they seen a Frankenstein movie or read the book (or at least listened to the book on...