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Surviving a Grounded Nightmare: The Games that are Getting “Hardcore Mode” right 2

The Games that are Getting “Hardcore Mode” Right

While many of us enjoy playing our favourite videogames on a high difficulty setting, most of them tend to offer an experience which, if you’ll excuse the honest reductionism, can essentially...
Path of Exile: Assendancy (PC) Review 5

Path of Exile: Ascendancy (PC) Review

I’ve played three of PoE: Ascendancy’s new Ascendancy classes now; a Flameblast Elementalist Witch in the preview build, and both a Dual RF Totem Chieftain Marauder and an SRS Necromancer Witch...
The 2015 CGM TIFF Awards - 2015-09-24 12:28:12

The 2015 CGM TIFF Awards

Well, another Toronto Festival has come and gone. The red carpets have been rolled up; the movie stars moved on to warmer climates; the orange volunteer shirts have been tossed into...