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Super Stardust Ultra VR (PS4) Review 8

Super Stardust Ultra VR (PS4) Review

Almost a decade ago, the exclusive Super Stardust HD hit the PlayStation 3. Sony even offered it as an apology to players when their account...
Alienation (PS4) Review

Alienation (PS4) Review

Housemarque studios continues to prove they can do no wrong by developing another stellar gem for PlayStation 4 owners with Alienation. This addictive twin...
Alienation Art Lead has passed away

Alienation Art Lead, Antti Kallioinen has passed away

Antti Kallioinen passed away at the age of 42 on February 24, 2016. Kallioinen started his career as a background graphics artist in1994 for...
Alienation Lands in April

Alienation Lands in April

If you're looking for some more twin-stick shooter action, than Housemarque has you covered.The Finnish company that brought us Dead Nation, Resogun, Outland and...
Dead Nation (PS3) Review 1

Dead Nation (PS3) Review

Zombies have entered the mainstream media in a large way in recent years. With shows such as The Walking Dead and books like World...