“Quake Champions” Announced

"Quake Champions" Announced

On the heels of new entries in the Wolfenstein and Doom franchises, Bethesda kicked off their press conference with the announcement of Quake Champions.

Announced as a PC exclusive, Quake Champions will be a multiplayer-focused arena shooter with a “diverse” cast of characters. It appears to take a cue from other modern, competitive multiplayer experiences in the vein of Overwatch and Battleborn.

More is expected to be announced in the coming months.

Bethesda Announces New Doom Open Beta

Bethesda Announces New Doom Open Beta

If you missed the chance to hop in the action last weekend, Bethesda will be holding an open beta in an upcoming weekend.

From April 15-17 anyone on PS4, Xbox One and PC can download and hop into the action with their friends. Nothing has been added from the closed beta hosted last weekend. The only available gametypes are Team Deathmatch and Warpath and the only levels are Infernal and Heatwave.

Today, Bethesda is announcing some of the post-launch support plans for the gruesome shooter. First, free content updates in the form of additions to the Snap-Map editor and free gametypes will release throughout the year. Snap-Map updates are promised to include AI enhancements, new props and functionality as well as editing tools and more.

The first of paid DLC is scheduled to drop in the summer. This brings players three new maps, a new weapon, one playable demon, another armour set, a new piece of equipment, new taunts and hack modules and a number of customization options and colours and patterns.

DLC packs will cost $14.99 or at a discounted price if you buy the $39.99 season pass.

Doom launches May 13 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.