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Furious 7 (Movie) Review - 2015-04-02 14:55:24

Furious 7 (Movie) Review

Chug an energy drink, shave your head, tear the sleeves off your shirt, and call your bros because the Fast & Furious franchise is back and dumber than ever. Delayed a...
The Expendables 3 Movie Review - 2014-08-14 14:37:22

The Expendables 3 Movie Review

It’s odd to think that The Expendables has become a blockbuster institution. Back when Sylvester Stallone announced plans to bust all of his retired 80s action buddies out of retirement for...
Homefront (Movie) Review 1

Homefront (Movie) Review

Lock up your daughters and hide your hair clippers, Jason Statham is back. Arguably the last pure action star (although the Rock is making a good case for himself lately), Statham...
Safe (Movie) Review 1

Safe (Movie) Review

It’s been 6-8 months, so it’s time for Jason Statham to make a growling return to big screen ass-kickery. The last true action star and a hero for bald men everywhere,...