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Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman

Latest Jonathan Hickman News
FF by Jonathan Hickman Volume 3 Review 1

FF by Jonathan Hickman Volume 3 Review

This volume is the newest collection of Jonathan Hickman’s brilliant FF series, collecting issues #12-16. This is not the most accessible of stories, however, as it’s steeped in continuity, as it...
Fantastic Four Volume 5 Review 1

Fantastic Four Volume 5 Review

When Fantastic Four #588 ended the series, I figured it was only a matter of time, or rather 11 issues, until Fantastic Four #600 would hit the shelves of my local...
New Avengers #1 Review 1

New Avengers #1 Review

I was not following the New Avengers series before the Marvel Now reboot, so I'm not sure how much has changed from the previous storyline alluded to on the first page....
Avengers #1 Review 1

Avengers #1 Review

I enjoyed Avengers #1 and thought it was a great standalone issue. The fact that it was very much a continuation of the Avengers movie wasn't necessarily a bad thing because...