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Layers of Fear: Inheritance (PS4) Review

Layers of Fear: Inheritance (PS4) Review

Horror is probably my favourite genre in gaming, and one that I feel is best served through an interactive medium. While the power fantasies...
Layers of Fear Expansion Get's New Trailer

Layers of Fear Expansion Gets New Trailer

If you like horror games, odds are Layers of Fear at least caught your eye.  Now, developer Bloober Team showed off the game's expansion, titled Layers...
Layers of Fear Unboxing 1video

Layers of Fear Press Kit Unboxing

Cody and Intern Will do a spooky unboxing of the Layers of Fear extreme spooky box.
CGM Let's Play: Layers of Fearvideo

CGM Let's Play: Layers of Fear

Cody and Intern Will play Layers of Fear. Cody has a hard time dealing with all the spooky.Subscribe to our YouTube channel! 
Layers of Fear (PC) Review 5

Layers of Fear (PC) Review

A great many men are mad, and no one knows it. They do not know it themselves. –Agatha ChristieIt’s been a few months since...