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LOUD On Planet X (PC) Review 22

LOUD On Planet X (PC) Review

Loud on Planet X is a great example of why mixing genres works. Many developers have mixed similar genres such as Action and RPG, or Shooter with... well, everything. So few games have...
Loud on Planet X Brings the Noise to PS4 1

Loud on Planet X : A New Take On The Rhythm Genre

PS4 is getting a new indie music game with heavy Patapon and Rhythm Heaven influences later this month. Loud on Planet X is a mash-up of two completely different genres –...
Lights: From Azeroth to the Stage - 48565

Lights: From Azeroth to the Stage

Art, in all its forms, is inherently influenced by previous works, especially when it comes to music. So it should come as no surprise to find out that many musicians draw...
Lights, Camera, Party! Review 1

Lights, Camera, Party! Review

Yes, It’s Another Party Game The Wii set the stage for casual gaming by creating the party/mini-game standard that has become a long, dark shadow stretching across the rest of gaming. Whether...