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Best of Anime – Summer 2016 Wrap-Up 1

Best of Anime – Summer 2016 Wrap-Up

The leaves are falling, the wind’s chilling, and teenagers on Facebook are screaming about Halloween. That only means one thing – summer’s over for good, and fall is officially in the...
Macross Rhythm Game Announced

Macross Rhythm Game Announced

Despite being a franchise all about music, none of the Macross tie-in games have centered around it. With over thirty games in the series, that's a bit surprising. However, it looks like things...
Macross Delta Anime Gets Vita Game

Macross Delta Anime Gets Vita Game

In the latest issue of Famitsu, Bandai Namco confirmed development on a new game in the Macross franchise.Based on the latest television series, Macross Delta Scramble will be launching on the PS Vita on October...

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