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Auto Draft 36

Majesco Merges with Medical Startup Polarity

Majesco -- best known for publishing less than noteworthy titles such as Hulk Hogan's Main Event & Babysitting Mama, along with some genuine classics like Psychonauts & the Mad Dog McCree Wii port --...
Costume Quest 2 (PC) Review 5

Costume Quest 2 (PC) Review

Double Fine Productions’ original Costume Quest was a pretty special game. Set on Halloween night, its cast of trick or treating children explored suburbia, collecting candy, transforming into fantastic versions of...
BloodRayne returning in a new downloadable form - 2011-04-01 17:28:09

BloodRayne returning in a new downloadable form

BloodRayne: Betrayal will make its way to the PSN and the XBLA later this summer. At this point, BloodRayne is best known as a cinematic joke, but that title also belonged to...