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Pixels & Ink #264 - It is the Battle of the Cons

Pixels & Ink #264 – The Battle of the Cons

We're back! After a crazy week of cons, your favourite team of podcasters are here with stories galore! Quinn regales us with stories from QuakeCon, including some first impressions of Doom VR,...
Metal Gear Survive – A Work In Progress 2

Metal Gear Survive E3 2017 Preview– A Work In Progress

Stepping into the Konami meeting room at E3 2017, I was not sure what to expect from Metal Gear Survive. This is a game that when first revealed seemed like a...
Metal Gear Survive Shouldn’t Be A Surprise 2

Metal Gear Survive Shouldn’t Be A Surprise

Well, it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? Konami has officially announced the first Metal Gear game after its public and heated departure with series creator Hideo Kojima. Called Metal Gear...