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Furious 7 (Movie) Review - 2015-04-02 14:55:24

Furious 7 (Movie) Review

Chug an energy drink, shave your head, tear the sleeves off your shirt, and call your bros because the Fast & Furious franchise is back and dumber than ever. Delayed a...

Machete Kills (Movie) Review

That decapitatin’, mustached wonder known as Machete might not be the first in-joke turned into a film, but it must be the first time a private joke turned into a franchise....
Resident Evil Retribution (Movie) Review 2

Resident Evil Retribution (Movie) Review

Now five films into the franchise, the latest Resident Evil might be the best film of the series so far. Of course it’s all pretty silly, convoluted, and gloriously, gratuitously violent. Watching...