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Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS) Review - 5

Miitopia (Nintendo 3DS) Review – First Class Friendship

It’s been three years since the release of Tomodachi Life, Nintendo’s bizarre life simulation game featuring the company’s customizable Mii avatars. Miis haven’t been in the spotlight ever since Miitomo, Nintendo’s...
Miitomo Hits 3 Million Users in 24 Hours 2

Miitomo Hits 3 Million Users in 24 Hours

Miitomo, Nintendo’s Mii-based social app, reached 3,000,000 users this morning. When the app was exclusively available in Japan, it gathered 1,000,000 Japanese users. Less than 24 hours after its worldwide release, Nintendo’s...
Goodbye Life, Hello Miitomo

Goodbye Life, Hello Miitomo

Hey kids! Do you like mobile games!? Do you like Nintendo!? Do you like Facebook!? Have you ever wondered “What if Nintendo made a Facebook?” Well stop living in the past...