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Resident Evil Retribution (Movie) Review 2

Resident Evil Retribution (Movie) Review

Now five films into the franchise, the latest Resident Evil might be the best film of the series so far. Of course it’s all pretty silly, convoluted, and gloriously, gratuitously violent.Watching...
The Three Musketeers (Movie) Review 1

The Three Musketeers (Movie) Review

Paul W.S. Anderson’s Three Musketeers is an absolutely ludicrous Hollywood bastardization of Alexandre Dumas’ beloved novel. The film transforms a historical romp into a ridiculous spectacle filled with flying battleships and Matrix-style slow-motion fight...

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Grand Theft Auto Online: Tiny Racers Launching April 25; 4/20 Deals

Grand Theft Auto Online: Tiny Racers Launching April 25

It seems fitting, with the new gameplay trailer for Micro Machines World Series that was recently released, that now yet another classic top-down racer...