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Latest NHL News
Producer’s Corner with Sean Ramjagsingh 4

Producer’s Corner with Sean Ramjagsingh

Benjamin Franklin once said, “ this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” However, if ol’ Benji was around today he would have added “...and EA...
NHL 17 (Xbox One) Review 6

NHL 17 (Xbox One) Review

I grew up watching hockey, and the earliest NHL game I remember playing was '96, back when Peter Bondra and Dale Hunter tore up the rink. Before that, I was fiddling...
Let's Play: NHL 16 - 2015-12-03 07:30:39video

Let’s Play: NHL 16

Cody and Jordan take to the ice to play NHL 16. Subscribe to CGM's YouTube. 
NHL 16 (PS4) Review 4

NHL 16 (PS4) Review

NHL 16 represents a return to form for EA Sports, as last year’s release for the PS4 was met with harsh criticism as many online features were dropped from the game. ...
NHL 15 (PS4) Review 5

NHL 15 (PS4) Review

NHL 15, as a game and a concept, is something that most gamers will understand. NHL 15 is basically a collection of modes that lets gamers play virtual hockey in virtual...

An Interview With EA Sports NHL Producer Sean Ramjagsingh

The videogame industry is no stranger to the idea of controversies. Some of them have been legitimate issues caused by or revolving around the making/playing of games, and some of them...
NHL 13 (Xbox 360) Review 1

NHL 13 (Xbox 360) Review

Prior to picking up this year’s iteration of the popular NHL series, I missed out on last year’s offering, after purchasing NHL 09, 10 and 11. As such, I was looking...
NHL 12 introduces the Winter Classic - 2011-05-20 17:26:26

NHL 12 introduces the Winter Classic

NHL 12 takes the game outdoors.   EA has released the first screen shot for NHL 12 and hockey fans will be pleased to notice the unique setting depicted in the image. Specifically,...
Stick-ing Points: Behind the Scenes with Joe Nickolls and NHL Slapshot 1

Stick-ing Points: Behind the Scenes with Joe Nickolls and NHL Slapshot

Every video game has a story, and NHL Slapshot is no exception, as the latest hockey title to emerge from EA’s Vancouver studio is as infamous for its controller as it...