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First 15 - NieR: Automata 2video

First 15 – NieR: Automata

CGM checks out the first few minutes of the upcoming Square Enix title NieR: Automata.
Pixels & Ink #239 - The Sickest Podcast

Pixels & Ink #239 – The Sickest Podcast

The Pixels & Ink Podcast is back, brought to you by CGM! With Nier: Automata ready to hit store shelves on March 17, 2017, CGM editor Elias Blondeau joins the podcast to...
NieR: Automata Revew - The New Gold Standard

NieR: Automata Revew – An Oddball Masterpiece

"Genre" is an artificial construct that serves marketing execs more than consumers—at least as far as gaming is concerned. Shooter fans that think RPGs are “too complicated” may not realize that...
Resisting the Apocalypse in NieR: Automata – Preview 6

Resisting the Apocalypse in NieR: Automata – Preview

Plenty of video games feature post-apocalyptic scenarios.In fact, this very publication recently put out an article on the medium’s preoccupation with them! With this being the case, then, developers set on...
Nier: Automata: New and Improved! 3

Nier: Automata: An Interview with Yosuke Saito and Junichi Ehara

I make no effort to hide the fact that I think NieR was one of the most critically under-appreciated games out there. When it was released in 2010, it was met...
NieR: Automata Announced For PC And PS4 In 2017 1

NieR: Automata Announced For PC In 2017

NieR, the cult-hit action RPG from 2010, is finally getting a sequel and will be arriving on the PC via Steam and PlayStation 4 sometime in early 2017. Announced today at Gamescom...
NieR Sequel Officially Named, NieR Automata - 2015-10-27 09:34:33

NieR Sequel Officially Named, NieR Automata

Famitsu has the story, the name of the next game in NieR series will be NieR Automata.  Nier Automata will take players to a the devastated planet Earth. It will show the battle between androids (YoRHa)...
Boiling Point 1

Boiling Point

A conflict between the East and the West has been bubbling since the dawn of video game culture. And the debate has reached its boiling point. A recent controversy surrounding Nier,...
Nier (XBOX 360) Review 1

Nier (XBOX 360) Review

Nier claims to be an Action RPG, and it does its best to live up to the title.  Health, magic, and combat are based on your character’s stats, but there’s no...