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Oculus Lines up a Horror Game for Launch

Oculus Lines up Some Scares for Launch

With the launch of the much-anticipated Oculus Rift just around the corner, they’ve already pulled in Ape Law’s psychological horror title, Albino Lullaby, as...
The Babadook (Movie) Review - 2015-02-19 14:41:11

The Babadook (Movie) Review

For Canadian horror fans, this weekend is a cause for celebration. At long last The Babadook can be seen (at least, through official commercial...

Escape From Tomorrow (Movie) Review

As a first time filmmaker, there are many ways to get your film noticed. However, writer/director Randy Moore certainly deserves bonus points for creativity...
A New Kirby Announced...But Do We Want It?

A New Kirby Announced…But Do We Want It?

Nintendo announced an upcoming Kirby title for the 3DS during the Nintendo Direct presentation today. The trailer shows the classic Kirby side-scrolling action which involves...
Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (XBOX 360) Review - 2013-07-14 17:42:08

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare (XBOX 360) Review

Alan Wake's American Nightmare is Remedy Entertainment's follow up to 2010's  Alan Wake. However, rather than making a sequel to the original, American Nightmare...
Knights in the Nightmare (DS) Review 9

Knights in the Nightmare (DS) Review

Atlus has enough goodwill to burn these days. It’s hard to imagine another publisher taking the chances they do with what they choose to...