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Pacific Rim Seats a new Director

Dardevil Writer Set to Direct Pacific Rim 2

Guillmero del Toro steps back as director for the sequel to Pacific Rim, letting Steven DeKnight, the showrunner on Season one of Netflix’s Daredevil.Guillmero...
The Top Ten Genre Movies Of 2013 2

The Top Ten Genre Movies Of 2013

You might have been too busy playing games and anticipating new consoles to notice, but 2013 was actually one of the best years for...
Pacific Rim (Movie) Review - 2013-07-11 04:02:38

Pacific Rim (Movie) Review

For those who complain about the overabundance of “crash, boom, bang” filmmaking in the summer blockbuster season, Pacific Rim should serve as a textbook...
Talking To Guillermo Del Toro - 2013-07-10 12:39:51

Talking To Guillermo Del Toro

Lifelong monster enthusiast Guillermo Del Toro is one of those lucky few people who can claim to be living their dream. Born to a...
Summer Movie Preview 2013 - 2013-05-09 13:48:57

Summer Movie Preview 2013

With Iron Man 3 debuting last week to take money from your pocket on the way to earning the second biggest opening weekend gross...