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Flinthook Review - Rage Inducing Joy 4

Flinthook Review – Rage Inducing Joy

Flinthook is a 2D 16-bit styled roguelike that follows the adventures of the titular cherub-looking pirate hunter. He’s a mysterious vigilante who travels the stars with the backing of what appears...
Pixels & Ink #164 - Banana Protector - 2015-07-24 14:32:42

Pixels & Ink #164 – Banana Protector

he CGM crew is back for another week of podcasting greatness. This week they talk about Tomb Raider having a release window for the PS4 and PC, the scandal in the...
Pixels (Movie) Review 8

Pixels (Movie) Review

Well, it’s been another year so it’s time for another lazy Adam Sandler comedy. This time it seemed as though the Sand-man’s new brain fart might actually have some promise. Based...

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French Media Company Vivendi to Aquire Ubisoft

Vivendi to Quciken Video Game Expansion Plans

The French multinational media company, Vivendi plans to accelerate acquisitions in video games and advertising this year according to a report by Reuters. In a...