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Flinthook Review - Rage Inducing Joy 4

Flinthook Review – Rage Inducing Joy

Flinthook is a 2D 16-bit styled roguelike that follows the adventures of the titular cherub-looking pirate hunter. He’s a mysterious vigilante who travels the stars with the backing of what appears...
Pixels & Ink #164 - Banana Protector - 2015-07-24 14:32:42

Pixels & Ink #164 – Banana Protector

he CGM crew is back for another week of podcasting greatness. This week they talk about Tomb Raider having a release window for the PS4 and PC, the scandal in the...
Pixels (Movie) Review 8

Pixels (Movie) Review

Well, it’s been another year so it’s time for another lazy Adam Sandler comedy. This time it seemed as though the Sand-man’s new brain fart might actually have some promise. Based...