A platform game k.a. platformer is a video game involving guiding character operated by the user to jump between suspended platforms, over obstacles, or both to get ahead in the game.

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Seasons after Fall (PC) Review 2

Seasons after Fall (PC) Review

A young girl's voice tells you, a seed, to possess a fox and explore a forest to find the guardians of the seasons. Finding...
N++ (PC) Review 1

N++ (PC) Review

I didn’t really know what to expect, beyond the obvious, when I first started playing N++. I knew the game was a puzzle platformer...
Fall Flat Review (PC) Review

Human: Fall Flat (PC) Review

As I stumble my way up the stairs, I find a strange room filled with large, red train carts. I see a door on...
Cuphead's Platforming Levels are Old-School Hard, Repetitive 9

Cuphead's Platforming Levels are Old-School Hard, Repetitive

Before E3 all our hands-on previews of Cuphead have just been boss battles, but we got a chance to take recently revealed platforming levels...
Rogue Stormers (PC) Review 4

Rogue Stormers (PC) Review

Years back, the mere virtue of being an indie platformer meant instant red-carpet roll-out attention. The Xbox Live Arcade and Steam ushered in countless...
Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS) Review 1

Kirby: Planet Robobot (3DS) Review

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most consistent and reliable franchises. It seems like whatever the Big N tries with the ever-hungry pink power, just...
Mighty No.9 Goes Gold

Mighty No.9 Goes Gold

Any backers of Mighty No. 9 can finally rejoice as the game has gone gold with an official release date.The announcement came from an...
SpeedRunners (PC) Review 6

SpeedRunners (PC) Review

During Target's short stay in Canada, I worked there as an overnight truck unloader. Overnight jobs suck, but there's something about the solitary atmosphere...
Salt and Sanctuary (PS4) Review

Salt and Sanctuary (PS4) Review

Prior to playing Salt and Sanctuary, I read up on the game and got impressions from other reviewers. One comment in particular from Jeffrey...
Oculus Rift Titles Get Shiny New Trailers

Oculus Rift Titles Get Shiny New Trailers

With the VR headset right on the horizon, new trailers for some of its upcoming games are beginning to surface.Chronos, from Gunfire Studios is...
Spacejacked (PC) Review

Spacejacked (PC) Review

Spacejacked is a 16-bit platformer take on the tower-defence genre with a dose of anti-gravity.Instead of jumping, gravity can be reversed. making Dave, the...
A Boy and His Blob Returns For Current Consoles - 2016-01-07 15:21:30

A Boy and His Blob Returns For Current Consoles

The jellybean fueled adventures of A Boy and His Blob are once again headed to consoles with updated visuals and classic jelly-munching gameplay.Slated for...