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Moto Mods (Hardware) Review 9

Moto Mods (Hardware) Review

Modular attachments for smartphones are really starting to pick up steam, and it’s amazing to see where companies will take them. For instance, LG presented their versions earlier this year alongside...
Viewsonic Projector (Hardware) Review 2

Viewsonic Projector (Hardware) Review

The Viewsonic PJD7822HDL is a projector with a RRP of $1,299 that boasts two HDMI inputs, supports 3D Blu-rays, and features a powered USB port ideal for Chromecast or Roku streaming...
ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector Review 1

ViewSonic PJD7820HD Projector Review

Projectors have changed a lot over the decades. From bulky boxes that used reel-to-reel film to massive, boxy rear projection TVs that killed all brightness and color, the technology has continually...