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The Top Ten Winter Misery Genre Movies

The Top Ten Winter Misery Genre Movies

Thanks to global warming, hitting March does not mean that we’re out of winter yet! In fact, we’re probably in the midst of the...
The Hateful Eight (Movie) Review - 2015-12-22 16:28:08

The Hateful Eight (Movie) Review

The cinematically obsessed and possibly insane Quentin Tarantino is back just in time for Christmas and unsurprisingly, he’s up to his old tricks. Since...
Django Unchained #1 Review - 2013-07-13 18:41:25

Django Unchained #1 Review

Movie tie in comic books or video games are known to be cash grabs with a flimsy premise and little thought put into them....
Django Unchained (Movie) Review - 2012-12-27 21:56:43

Django Unchained (Movie) Review

Leave it to Quentin Tarantino to not only turn the disgusting legacy of slavery into a ludicrously entertaining/empowering Spaghetti Western romp, but to also...