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Macross Rhythm Game Announced

Macross Rhythm Game Announced

Despite being a franchise all about music, none of the Macross tie-in games have centered around it. With over thirty games in the series, that's a bit surprising. However, it looks like things...
What You Need to Know About Guitar Hero Live - 2015-04-15 10:13:40

What You Need to Know About Guitar Hero Live

You can almost tell that someone over at Activison was in a planning meeting, looking at sales charts and seeing that the best-selling games were in first person perspective, so why...
What’s a Rhythm Game in 2015? 2

What’s a Rhythm Game in 2015?

While playing through Game Freak’s HarmoKnight, tapping the 3DS’ buttons to jump over pits and wallop enemies in time to the poppy soundtrack, I began to wonder when the last time...
Ubisoft's Rocksmith Bundle Gets A Price - 2011-06-10 17:09:05

Ubisoft’s Rocksmith Bundle Gets A Price

Real guitars on real game consoles, coming this fall.Ubisoft announced at E3 that they were going to challenge current rhythm game king Rock Band 3 with their own answer to the...

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Meet Wraith- Epic's New Paragon Survailence Specialist 1

Meet Wraith- Epic’s New Paragon Survailence Specialist

Paragon, Epic’s games popular 5v5 MOBA has received a new playable character named Wraith.A new trailer for the game dropped introducing Wraith, a...