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PlayStation Summer Sale Blowout 1

PlayStation Summer Sale Now Live

Sony joins in on the summer deals with North American PlayStation Network mid year sale. Steam isn’t the only platform as of late to get a substantial sale on digital games, the...
PSVR Hits Milestone, Still Second Place

PSVR Continues Momentum With New Milestone

With the recent news of Sony’s PlayStation VR reaching the one million units sold milestone, it seems like Sony is the king of the VR space. Yet according to a survey...
Nintendo Switches Gears With Strong First Week Sales

Nintendo Switches Gears With Strong First Week Sales

It seems Nintendo's gamble on the Switch may have paid off as the company has been enjoying a massive first week not only in hardware sales, but software as well. After...
Nintendo Dominates Holiday Sales figures

Nintendo Dominates Holiday Sales figures in Japan

The holidays are mostly behind us, and with them is the last big sales push of 2016. As 2016 comes to a close, Media Create reloeased it's sales figures for the week of...
Nintendo's Financial Briefing: What Does it Mean for the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo’s Financial Briefing: What it Means for the Switch

During Nintendo's financial briefing, Nintendo CEO Tastumi Kimishima said the company plans to ship two million units of the just-revealed Nintendo Switch during its launch in March 2017. To put this...