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Metroid Samus Returns Limited Edition New 3DS Announced

Nintendo has announced that Metroid Samus Returns on 3DS will be getting the special New 3DS treatment, via a new limited edition Metroid-themed unit. The Samus-themed New Nintendo 3DS will be available on...
Metroid Prime: Federation Force (3DS) Review

Metroid Prime: Federation Force (3DS) Review

What I'm about to say may shock you, but Metroid Prime: Federation Force is the best FPS for the Nintendo 3DS, and perhaps one of my favourite FPSs of all time....

Cosplay Rules the Day at Anime North 2016

The sun was shining over Toronto this weekend as fans flocked to the Toronto Congress Centre and the International Plaza Hotel for Anime North, Canada's biggest Anime convention. Con-goers experienced panels,...
The Future of Metroid Prime - 2015-07-17 14:25:54

The Future of Metroid Prime

Nintendo caused a shockwave throughout the internet with the announcement at E3 of Metroid Prime: Federation Force along with a new quick party-style game Blast Ball. These titles were not the...