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Hardcore Henry (Movie) Review 7

Hardcore Henry (Movie) Review

If there’s such a thing as too much style and action in a film, then Hardcore Henry comes perilously close to defining the limits. First time Russian director Ilya Naishuller became...
Chappie (Movie) Review 9

Chappie (Movie) Review

Few filmmakers from the last decade have burst onto the scene with the parade of deserved accolades that Neil Blomkamp received for District 9. His debut sci-fi/horror/mockumentary/social commentary was both an...
Oldboy-2013 (Movie )Review: Cult Classic Turned Luke Warm Remake 6

Oldboy-2013 (Movie )Review: Cult Classic Turned Luke Warm Remake

Before getting into this review, I should probably start out by admitting my bias towards this particular project. Chan-wook Park’s Oldboy was probably my favorite movie of the 2000s. It’s viscerally...