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Starr Mazer: DSP Preview 6

Starr Mazer: DSP Preview

When I was asked to preview Starr Mazer, I thought I would be playing Imagos Softworks' highly ambitious point-and-click adventure game that features SHMUP style gameplay sections. What I really played...
Super Galaxy Squadron EX (PC) Review 2

Super Galaxy Squadron EX (PC) Review

If Super Galaxy Squadron EX sounds familiar to you, it's because it is a remake of a game that was already reviewed right here at CGM. The remake both enhances and...
Konami Dev Releases Cancelled Game Anyway

Konami Dev Releases Cancelled Game Anyway

An unamed Konami developer has recently released the cancelled HD Remaster of the classic arcade shoot 'em up, Salamander. The classic title had been getting the fresh coat of paint for Android...
Project Root (Xbox One) Review - 2015-05-07 13:06:16

Project Root (Xbox One) Review

Project Root is a seemingly ambitious attempt to modernize the classic shoot ‘em up on consoles, but is a perfect example of the devil being in the details when it comes...
Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review 6

Super Galaxy Squadron (PC) Review

Super Galaxy Squadron evokes some of the very best of arcade shoot-em-ups. Bright colors burst on the screen, ships race frantically in the air, bullets, lasers, and rockets of all shapes...
Luftrausers (PC) Review 4

Luftrausers (PC) Review

A Rousing Good Time Well now, this looks familiar. It seems a fair few independent developers are finding success with recreating, improving, and iterating upon old creations of theirs. Often times these...