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Looking Ahead in 2016 for Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft Outlines 2016 Plans For Rainbow Six: Siege

Included within Ubisoft’s investor report they discussed some DLC plans for their multiplayer-only title, Rainbow Six: Siege. We’ve already gotten the first of the new operators, Buck and Frost, the Canadian JTF-2...

Rainbow Six: Siege Squashes Some Bugs

An upcoming patch for Rainbow Six: Siege will be eliminating some nasty bugs as well as making a better overall player experience. Blitz players will see some much-needed improvements to his shield....
Microsoft E3 2015 Breakdown - 2015-06-16 00:45:09

Microsoft E3 2015 Breakdown

On Monday, Microsoft had the opportunity to start the day of E3 press conferences and follow up Bethesda’s show from the night prior. What they did for the next hour and...