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Star Fox 64 3D won't support online multiplayer 1

Star Fox 64 3D won’t support online multiplayer

Information from Nintendo's latest retailer briefing has made it onto the Internet.Nintendo recently held a retailer briefing in Japan, and an employee at a popular Tsutaya store in Shibuya, Tokyo has...
Star Fox 64 3D to land in Japan July 14th 1

Star Fox 64 3D to land in Japan July 14th

Nintendo has announced the release date of the upcoming remake.The headline says it all. Star Fox 64 will be out on July 14th, although that's just the Japanese release date...

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Add-on Content Paves Way For $7.8B in Revenue 1

Add-on Content Creates $7.8B in Revenue

Add-on content is leading the charge in generating revenue for the digital console space.According to SuperData Research, the worldwide digital console revenue will reach...