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Valve delays Steam Controller to 2015 - 2014-05-27 22:11:01

Valve delays Steam Controller to 2015

It seems this week has been filled with delay announcement, starting with The Order 1886, Now, via the Steam Community, Valve have just given word that the fabled Steam controller will...
Steam Controller goes with buttons, touchscreen gets the boot

Steam Controller goes with buttons, touchscreen gets the boot

Buttons are still in high demand, just ask Valve. On the first day of Valve’s Steam Dev Days event in Seattle, developers revealed the new design of the Steam Machines controller. The...
Valve announces Steam Controller

Steam Controller put to the test in demonstration

Today Valve has demonstrated the Steam Controller through a variety of different games. Using the strange trackpads that perform both movement and camera control, Valve employees played Portal 2, and completed one...
Valve announces Steam Controller

Valve announces Steam Controller

The final announcement has been made, capping off a week filled with Steam-related news, and the last mystery has been revealed as the Steam Controller. Steam’s teaser site, which revealed the controller,...

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