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Banner Saga 2 (PC) Review 7

Banner Saga 2 (PC) Review

I don’t think I’ve ever been properly introduced to Viking culture. I’m certainly aware that they existed, and most of the stuff associated with them was really cool, but I don’t...
Hand-Drawn Visuals are a Breath of Fresh Air 1

Hand-Drawn Visuals are a Breath of Fresh Air

When the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 were announced last year, a large part of their respective reveals focused on the new consoles’ technological prowess. Microsoft and Sony were quick to...
The Banner Saga (PC) Review 4

The Banner Saga (PC) Review

The Banner Saga, like the ancient epics and legends it draws inspiration from, is about journeys. Just as Odysseus sailed home from the Trojan War, Tripitaka journeyed west from China, and...