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Superman/Batman Vol 1 Comic Review 4

Superman/Batman Vol 1 Comic Review

With Zack Snyder’s Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn Of Justice already getting a heavy push through the hype machine two years before release, DC Comics has unsurprisingly decided to reissue the first...
Superboy #9 Review 2

Superboy #9 Review

All these years, unbeknownst to Smallville’s resident heros and villains, has been a deleterious monstrosity of soulless puppets. Mastered by the enduring and condemnable Eben Took. It seems Superboy may have...
Superboy #8 Review

Superboy #8 Review

A dramatic western back-story focused on the somber origin of Smallville and its early settlers. Seems things have always been strange in America’s picturesque town, even before heros were raised there....
Superboy #7 Review

Superboy #7 Review

Superboy has taken a revitalizing course change towards maturity. None of the teen-age, high-school dramatics that have plagued it since inception. Even the cartoonish artwork has been refined into more decorated...
Superboy #6 Review 2

Superboy #6 Review

I guess things are a tinge too manic for Connor in historical Smallville. This issue commences with Superboy and Red Robin partaking in a heart-to-heart. Conner contemplating about leaving his adopted...