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The Hateful Eight (Movie) Review 5

The Hateful Eight (Movie) Review

The cinematically obsessed and possibly insane Quentin Tarantino is back just in time for Christmas and unsurprisingly, he’s up to his old tricks. Since Django wasn’t enough to scratch the genre-hopping...
Comics Out Today 4/30/2014

Comics Out Today 5/07/2014

Hey, hey, hey, happy Wednesday everyone! This week in comics has the two biggest comic companies starting their major cross-title events, some ghost punching, the ending of a war, and the...
The Thing (Movie) Review - 2011-11-07 17:00:00

The Thing (Movie) Review

  The Hollywood rehashing of classic horror films continues this week with The Thing. In a slight twist to try and appease frustrated and exhausted horror fans, Universal decided to make the movie...