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Antihero Review - Wonderfully Designed

Antihero Review – Wonderfully Designed

Tabletop-tinted video games fascinate me, especially asynchronous ones. Does anyone remember the glory days of Advance Wars, passing around your Game Boy to a group of friends taking turns blowing each...
Straight up Films Announces Thief Movie

Straight Up Films Reveals Thief Movie

Straight Up Films has announced that the latest entry in the Thief franchise will also be getting a movie adaptation for the big screen.  For those who may have never played or...
Thief (PS4) Review

Thief (PS4) Review

Breaking & Entering In The Eight Generation It’s been a decade since Garret last snuck his way onto PCs and Xbox consoles with Thief: Deadly Shadows and the landscape of gaming has...
Thief E3 2013 Preview - 2013-06-19 14:00:00

Thief E3 2013 Preview

Back in the mid-90s Thief and Deus Ex where the king of nonlinear gameplay on the PC. They offered players many possibilities to achieve objectives and rewarded experimentation. Eidos Montreal presented...
Sneaky, Sneaky - 2012-09-20 17:05:20

Sneaky, Sneaky

In most action games, players are encouraged to enter new rooms without fear of discovery. Unless objects...