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What To Expect From Nintendo’s Splatoon Direct - 2015-05-01 10:21:49

What To Expect From Nintendo’s Splatoon Direct

Hot off the heels of the Xenoblade X special Direct about a week ago, Nintendo has announced, Splatoon is scheduled to have its own Direct Thursday, May 7 a.m. PT/ 10...
Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One) Review

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One) Review

The idea that Sunset City—the locale of Sunset Overdrive—is someone’s personal carnival is a metaphor that works pretty well; especially since the world is full of colourful things to see, set...
Splatoon Preview  - 2014-08-08 11:48:21

Splatoon Preview

I am currently in the middle of an internal struggle over Nintendo’s thought process. I can’t decide if Splatoon is the most original idea that the Japanese platform holder has had...
Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3) Review 1

Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days (PS3) Review

The Boys Are BackKane and Lynch are the eponymous pair of the sequel to the 2007 3rd person, cover based shooter about a sociopath and a psychopath bringing gunfire and chaos...

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French Media Company Vivendi to Aquire Ubisoft

Vivendi to Quciken Video Game Expansion Plans

The French multinational media company, Vivendi plans to accelerate acquisitions in video games and advertising this year according to a report by Reuters. In a...