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Be A Mayor In Urban Empire

Be A Mayor In Kalypso New City Simulator Urban Empire

Kalypso Media has announced their new IP: Urban Empire, which they will be showing for the first time at GDC 2016.According to Kalypso, via press release, "Urban Empire is the pioneer...
Tropico 5 Coming to PlayStation 4 2

Tropico 5 Coming to PlayStation 4

The fine people at Haemimont Games announced today that their upcoming city builder, Tropico 5, will make its way to PlayStation 4. This marks the first appearance of a Tropico game on...

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RiME Review- A Fantastical Adventure

RiME Review – A Fantastical Adventure

Adventure games used to be about actual adventuring. Before Nathan Drake’s struggles with his fragile masculinity turned the genre into glorified corridor shooters, the...