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A New Dawn Shines on Paragon 2

A New Dawn Shines on Paragon

Epic Games is releasing another massive update to their MOBA, Paragon. The update, titled A New Dawn, replaces the old card system and rebalances the whole game. This update aims to...
The Huntress Sings Her Lullaby in Dead by Daylight

The Huntress Sings Her Lullaby in Dead by Daylight

A new free chapter has been released for Dead by Daylight that comes with a new killer, map, and survivor. The new killer is known as The Huntress and she is ready to...
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars get's Morphin with New Partnership

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Gets Morphin With New Partnership

Game developer nWay, publishers of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, have partnered with the comic publisher BOOM! Studios to bring characters from their Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic into the mobile game. An update...
Grab Some Friends, Watch Dogs 2 Brings 4-Player Co-op

Watch Dogs 2 Brings Four-Player Co-op In New Update

Ubisoft is celebrating the Fourth of July with a different kind of party. Watch Dogs 2 is receiving a new update that will bring with it the long-awaited 4-Player Party Mode. With...
Meet Wraith- Epic's New Paragon Survailence Specialist 1

Meet Wraith- Epic’s New Paragon Survailence Specialist

Paragon, Epic’s games popular 5v5 MOBA has received a new playable character named Wraith. A new trailer for the game dropped introducing Wraith, a cybernetic operative soldier with an attitude. Paragon...