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Pixels & Ink #251 - Goodbye PS3

Pixels & Ink #251 – Goodbye PS3

On this episode of the Pixels and Ink Podcast, Phil is away, so Cody and Brendan call on our resident tech expert Cole to talk gaming. With the PlayStation 3 ceasing...
Victor Vran Makes its Way to Consoles 1

Victor Vran Makes Its Way to Consoles

Fans of muscle bound dudes in funky hats have something to look forward to for their home console. Following a strong PC release, Victor Vran is making his way onto Playstation 4...

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Kamiko (Switch) Mini-Review - Easy, Breezy, Beautiful 3

Kamiko (Nintendo Switch) Mini-Review – Fantastic Fit for the Switch

I'm a relentlessly organized sort of guy, the type who makes tracking the games he's playing into its own sort of game. I swore...