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Anatomy of a Villain

Anatomy of a Villain

It’s Villains Week here at CG Magazine. A joyous time to say the least. Thinking about all the best baddies who have titillated our imaginations can’t help but bring a smile...
Remembering The Great Cartoon Villains of the Eighties 5

Remembering The Great Cartoon Villains of the Eighties

Remember Saturday mornings in the 1980s? For me they involved eating C-3PO cereal while sitting on shag carpet, too close to the old wood cabinet Quasar TV. The family cat hovered...
Bad in Japan: Anime's Most Memorable Villians 1

Bad in Japan: Anime’s Most Memorable Villians

Anime is home to several iconic heroes: Goku, Monkey D. Luffy, and pretty much the entire Joestar family, to name but a few. On the opposite end of every hero is...
80s Villains and the Sidekicks who Made it all Possible

A Portrait of the 80s Goon: The Real Villains

Behind every great man there’s a great woman, and behind every megalomaniacal arch-villain there is a core of hard working, dedicated and capable employees…Unless of course, you’re a super villain from...

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Pixels & Ink #256 - Medieval Explosives

Pixels & Ink #256 – Medieval Explosives

On this episode of the Pixels and Ink Podcast, there is chaos as Cody's phone stopped working and he couldn't get the news! Luckily,...