Even with all the content that is offered online at there is a huge amount of content available only inside the pages of CGMagazine.  We lay it all out for you here with some of the most frequently asked questions about our printed magazine.

What does the print edition of CGMagazine offer that that the website doesn’t?

Good question, and a whole lot! Almost everything that is fit for print is 100 per cent original, and exclusive, to the print edition. Printed on high quality paper, and featuring exclusive cover art and editorial illustrations – CGMagazine’s print product looks almost as nice as it reads.  Inside you’ll find a longer form editorial voice than you’ll see on the website from all of our editorial staff on topics like the culture of videogames, its history, and its future.

What stories am I missing out on by only reading the website?

While we do publish a lot of our interviews, and almost all of our reviews on our website – exclusive interviews with industry professionals like Hideo Kojima, Alex Hutchinson, and Warren Spector graces our pages. Our reviews will often include secondary opinions to games, aside from the review, to allow a more wide scope of opinion to be heard on what you should spend your time playing. Include all of this with previews, recaps and videogame insight, CGMagazine has a lot of everything.

Am I able to get CGMagazine anywhere?

Yes! CGMagazine can be shipped anywhere – but there is also our digital edition provided through Pocketmags. The Pocketmags edition is a verbatim copy of the print product – but is published in full colour, and can be viewed on many different devices; from Windows, to Android and iOS.

Subscribe to the magazine  CGMagazine can be enjoyed in many different ways. Our print edition is available as single issues or as a subscription – savings of up to 40 per cent on our newsstand price.  Alternatively, you can read us on your mobile device, tablet or computer. You can buy our digital edition via Pocketmags for Android, PC and Mac.

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 Magazine Exclusive c36 site  reviews magazine Interviews exclusive comics

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