New Green Lantern footage has lots of alien action

  • Todd Campbell | 
    Apr 4, 2011

A new trailer emerged during this weekend’s WonderCon in San Francisco.

The trailer (below) has a lot more action than the first trailer and reveals a bit more about the movie’s story. It opens with Sinestro (Mark Strong) telling his fellow Green Lanterns about the death of Abin Sur and a looming threat that hangs over the universe, and then proceeds to show us the events that lead to Abin Sur’s death and crash landing on Earth. We also get to see Abin Sur hand his power ring to Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), thus turning him into a Green Lantern.

While the CG is overall a lot better than what was seen in the first trailer, there are still a few spots that seem like they could use a bit of improvement. The face of Abin Sur looks a bit rubbery and there just seems to be something off about Ryan Renyolds’ costume. That said, the clip does give us a good glimpse of Oa, the Green Lantern home world. The aliens that can be seen are impressive, and fans of the comic book are sure to notice a few familiar faces.

For those not in the know, the Green Lanterns are an intergalactic police force charged with maintaining peace and order throughout the universe. The Lanterns can use power rings to make anything they can think of through willpower, and we get to see Hal, the first human to join the Lantern ranks, use his ring to make a giant fist and a Gatling gun. The movie still has a ways to go, but Green Lantern is looking like it could turn into quite the summer blockbuster when it’s released June 17.

via The Escapist


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