Toronto’s Silver Snail gets sold

| Apr 8, 2011

The iconic Toronto comic book store will soon be changing locations.

You probably don’t care if you’re not living in Toronto, but the iconic comic book store the Silver Snail has been sold and will be moving from its current location of 367 Queen St. West.

Founded in 1976 by owner Ron Van Leeuwen, the Silver Snail has had three different locations over the years but has been at Queen Street for a full 29. Leeuwen is now retiring and selling the store to manager manager George Zotti, who says that the move is necessary because Queen Street isn’t what it was 29 years prior.

“Queen Street is not the book-friendly place it used to be,” says Zotti. “If you want shoes or $300 jeans, it’s a good place to go. It’s lost that browsing, literary feel it used to have.”

The store will remain open at its current location until at least February, 2012, at which point it will be moving to a new location. The new home has not yet been chosen, although the Annex and Yonge St. have been mentioned as possible locales.

Interestingly, Zotti says that he hopes to expand the store during the move.

“If we can find a big enough space it would be cool to have a café inside.”

It’s sad to learn that the landmark store will be changing locations after so many years. I can still remember my first trip, and my friends had to drag me away from all of the comics, action figures, and other awesome stuff. You’ll want to check it out before February if you want to see the Silver Snail in its current incarnation.


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