Activision says Guitar Hero isn’t finished

| Apr 13, 2011

Despite earlier reports, Activision now says that the franchise is simply “on hiatus.”

In a recent interview, Activision Public Relations VP Dan Winters said that Guitar Hero could return in the next few years.

“Actually, just to clarify, we’re just putting Guitar Hero on hiatus, we’re not ending it,” said Winters. “We’re releasing products out of the vault- we’ll continue to sustain the channel, the brand won’t go away. We’re just not making a new one for next year, that’s all.”

In February, Activision announced that it was discontinuing the franchise because of declining interest in the music genre, which is a polite way of saying that the market was flooded and consumers were bored. If Guitar Hero were to come back in a few years, it might strike a better chord with consumers. (See what I did there?)